President Joko Widodo officially launched the Defense Industry SOEs Holding named Defense Industry Indonesia or DEFEND ID. Prior to the launch, President Joko Widodo accompanied by Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto, Minister of SOEs Erick Thohir and several other officials visited the Defense Industry Products Exhibition located at the Submarine Hangar of PT PAL Indonesia in Surabaya, 20 April 2022.


PT DAHANA’s President Director Wildan Widarman explained the products of this SOE which operates a high energy materials business. In front of the President, Mr Widarman said that DAHANA is currently continuing to innovate to strengthen the Main Weapon System Equipment (Alutsista) and the National Defense and Security Equipment-Tool (Alpalhankam).


DAHANA’s flagship products include the Bomb P Series which is manufactured in collaboration with Sari Bahari, the R-HAN 122B rocket which is a product of the national rocket consortium managed by PT Dahana, PT Pindad, PT Dirgantara Indonesia and BRIN where Dahana is in charge of manufacture of propellant and the launch vehicle, in collaboration with SAS Aero Sishan. R&D products such as Merapi Pelvic Missiles (Manpads), Counter Tank Weapons (SLT), and various other product innovations were also displayed.


“To meet the need of  the Air Force’s combat equipment, we provide the P Series Bombs which are usually applied to fighter aircrafts such as the Sukhoi. Benefitting from TNT explosives, the P Series Bombs, which consist of P-100L, P-250L, and P-500L bombs, offer  explosive capabilities with a shard effect that can destroy buildings and moving objects in a large area,” said Mr Widarman.


Meanwhile, in support to infantry troops, DAHANA has also developed a Weapon Fighting Tank (SLT) tool which is 100% locally made in collaboration with Harrif Daya Tunggal Engineering. At the time of testing, the tank destroyer’s shoulder-launched weapons could reach a distance of up to 300 meters, and is still being refined to be able to hit targets with a precision under required speed and range of fire. There is also a Pelvic Missile in collaboration with Cirnov UAD and Army’s R&D Service which can reach the targets up to 3 km.


Mr Widarman added that DAHANA is also actively conducting rocket tests. DAHANA has succeeded in conducting the first smokeless rocket test in Indonesia or smokeless propellant, which will also be applied to other defense rockets produced by DAHANA.


“Apart from the military explosives, DAHANA continues to take various efforts to advance the explosives industry in the commercial sector based on dual use of technology from concentrated nitric acid. The derivative of nitric acid for the military sector contains spherical powder propellant for stuffing bullets in which we and Pindad collaborate. We are just  one step away from achieving propellant independence and therefore ask for the support of Mr. President, in hoping that we can have some (financial) ‘injection’ from the government,”  said Mr Widarman.


Currently, DAHANA is also in the process of constructing an Ammonium Nitrate Factory in Bontang, East Kalimantan, which is planned to be completed by the end of 2022.


“Apart from that we have completed the construction of the Elemented Detonator Factory for supply of raw material for detonators and we ask for your permission to inaugurate the factory,” explained Mr Widarman.


After visiting the Defend ID booth, President Jokowi gave a speech and officially launched the name and logo of Defend ID, as well as witnessing various collaboration processes between Defend ID and stakeholders. The President also inaugurated the Elemented Detonator Factory constructed by DAHANA in the Energetic Material Center area in Subang.


“It is our hope that following the inauguration of Defend ID by President Joko Widodo, our country can compete with developed countries, and of course it will improve the economy and Indonesia’s bargaining (position) in the eyes of the international community,” concluded Mr Widarman.