PT DAHANA supplied basic food packages to residents in Sadawarna Village, Cibogo District, Subang Regency. This basic food package charity was part of a series of DAHANA’s Gema Ramadan 2024 activities and was held at Bale DAHANA, Wednesday on March 27, 2024.

DAHANA Corporate Secretary Ahmad Fachruddin said that supply of basic necessities was one of DAHANA’s ways of thanking the local community for their support.

“Allow us, on behalf of management, to express our deepest gratitude to the people of Subang, especially those residing around the company. So far, they have supported the Company’s activities in various forms. Hopefully this Ramadan will bring blessings to all,” said Mr Fachruddin.

Meanwhile, DAHANA’s Chair of Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Unit Eman Suherman explained that after learning the news of the increase in basic food prices in the month of Ramadan, the SER team immediately called a meeting and decided to help ease the burden on residents, especially those living around the Company’s operational areas.

“The supply of basic necessities is the Company’s effort to help ease the burden on the community amidst the price hike of basic necessities during the month of Ramadan. This way, people can continue to enjoy the month of Ramadan in a peaceful and solemn way,” said Mr Suherman.

Meanwhile, Sadawarna Village Secretary Samsuri Suganda said that DAHANA is a company which really cares about the surrounding community. Various forms of assistance have been provided in the education sector, the economy, and even emergency assistance at the time the people face problems.

“We, on behalf of the entire community, especially the residents of Sadawarna Village, would like to express our gratitude to DAHANA for continuing to contribute and lend a hand to the community, not just basic necessities, but other issues such as the environment, education, health and others,” said Mr Suganda.

A total of 300 basic food packages were distributed to the people of Sadawarna Village in Bale DAHANA, witnessed by Sadawarna Village government officials represented by the Sadawarna Village Secretary.