PT DAHANA held a ceremony to commemorate the Birth of Pancasila. The ceremony was attended by employees on duty at the DAHANA Subang Head Office, on Thursday, 1 June 2023 at the DAHANA Soccer Field. President Director Wildan Widarman served as inspector of ceremony.

The 2023 Pancasila Birthday Commemoration carries the theme “Collaboration to Build Civilization and Global Growth”. The Tagline of Pancasila Birthday 2023 is “Actualization of Pancasila, Indonesia’s Energy for Growth”.

During the address of the inspector of ceremonies, in addition to reviewing the big theme of Pancasila Birthday 2023, Mr Widarman also reviewed the journey of the birth of Pancasila which is closely related to the process of independence for the Republic of Indonesia. The background for the commemoration of Pancasila’s birthday was referred to a meeting of the founders of the nation at the Indonesian Independence Preparatory Investigation Agency (BPUPKI) at the Chuo Sangi In Building, Jakarta, also known as Volksraad Building during the Dutch colonial period and now is called the Pancasila Building.

“In the BPUPKI meeting on June 1, 1945, Soekarno delivered a speech on the five foundations of the state which he called Pancasila,” continued Mr Widarman.

Mr Widarman also suggested that all DAHANA employees practice the noble values of Pancasila in all aspects of life, starting from family, work, to the wider community.

“On June 1, we commemorate and celebrate the birth of Pancasila which is a strong foundation that directs us towards a just, prosperous and civilized life as a nation and state,” he said.

PT DAHANA is a member of the DEFEND ID Holding, a state-owned defense industry holding engaged in high-energy materials having its head office in Subang Regency. DAHANA offers services and integrated explosives products for the general mining, quarrying and construction, oil and gas, and defense sectors.