DKM (Mosque Welfare Councle) of PT DAHANA’S Al Akhdar mosque organizes a pesantren, or Ramadan Islamic Study Class of 1445 AH. The class is attended by male high school/vocational school students throughout Subang Regency from 26 to 28 March 2024 at the Al Akhdar Mosque PT DAHANA Subang.

This event was opened directly by Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications Juli Jajuli representing the management of PT DAHANA and at the same time handed over Al Quran manuscripts from donors to participants on March 26, 2024 at the Al Akhdar Mosque PT DAHANA Subang. Also present were the Chairman of DKM Al Akhdar Ismail Kurbani, Chairman of PT DAHANA’s Social and Environment Responsibility (SER) Unit Eman Suherman and speaker KH. DR Faisal Fajri.

In his speech, Mr Jajuli expressed his appreciation for the holding of the Ramadan Islamic Class. He said this event is very positive activity for the Ramadan.

“In addition to increasing scientific insight, especially religious knowledge and habituation like Islamic study classes, participants can also find out more about PT DAHANA, as a company that produces explosives in Subang Regency,” said Mr Jajuli.

Meanwhile, Chairman of DKM Al Akhdar Ismail Kurbani reported that the participants in this Ramadhan Islamic Class originate from high school students in Subang Regency. 42 participants registered for this activity.

“This Ramadan Islamic Study Class is actually a routine program of DKM Al Akhdar, but it discontinued some time ago due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank God, this year’s Ramadan class can restart,” Mr Kurbani said.

At the end of the program, participants will also take part in the Musabaqoh Tilawatil Quran (MTQ)—Qoranic Recitation—competition.

During the Ramadan Islamic Study Class, participants receive guidance from the presenters in the form of studies and also direct practice in carrying out Ramadan religious practices such as recitations, tarawih, qiyamul lail and other Ramadan practices.

On this occasion, participants will also receive a mushaf (a written copy) of the Al Quran which was a donation from PT DAHANA employee donors. The manuscript was symbolically handed over at the opening ceremony.

“Hopefully this Al-Quran assistance can be useful for students. Not only in the momentum of the Ramadan Islamic Class, but it can also be used at other times,” said Mr Suherman, Chair of PT DAHANA SER Unit.

Apart from the Ramadhan Islamic Class, DKM Al Akhdar also carries out regular coaching activities for students in the Company’s environment every Friday. They are Thematic Koranic Study Program with DAHANA (METANA), and Al Quran Learning Movement (GELAR) program for middle school and vocational school students in collaboration with the Subang Shohibul Quran Institute. Some other activities are also carried out periodically, such as routine employee’s Koranic recitations, Friday sharing movements, compensation and so on.