DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Unit collaborated with millennial employees to distribute fast-breaking snack packages or takjil to the people of Subang who pass in front of Bale DAHANA, Subang, West Java, Thursday, March 21 2024.

Chairman of DAHANA’s SER Eman Suherman said that the distribution of takjil every Ramadan has become the culture of the Company’s SER unit. In addition to easing the economic burden on the community, takjil also comes as a form of the Company’s support for the social and religious sector, especially for the people of Subang.

“We hoped that the distribution of takjil from DAHANA can also encourage people to share with each other, especially in this month full of blessings. Sharing with each other will certainly strengthen our value of mutual cooperation as an Indonesian nation. Hopefully the takjil can provide benefits and blessings for the recipients,” said Mr Suherman.

Mr Suherman also explained that the takjil packages are the result of empowerment of the MSEs of the fostered partners in meeting the needs for takjil.  Apart from providing benefits to takjil recipients, the takjil distribution is also a way of absorbing the products of the MSEs of the fostered partners, as well as encourage the economic turnover of the fostered partners.

Meanwhile, one of DAHANA’s millennials, Nela Putri S., expressed her excitement as she was involved in social activities such as the distribution of takjil. She said that involving young people can be a way to pass on the good values that have been held by seniors at DAHANA.

“Thank you to the SER unit and team for involving us in this activity. Hopefully this Ramadan can bring a broader and deeper meaning to all of us, and succeed in becoming new humans who collaborate with each other for good,” concluded Miss Putri.