PT DAHANA’s 57th Anniversary Committee held a singing talent search event with the Dahana Singing Competition 2023 which was presented to the young generation of Subang at high school levels. The 2023 DAHANA Singing Competition Spectacular Show round will be held on Thursday, 19 October 2023 at the DAHANA Campus Auditorium and broadcast live on PT DAHANA’s YouTube.

Coordinator of the 2023 Dahana Singing Competition committee, Moch. Surya Nugraha said that in the Spectacular Show round, 17 finalists from various schools in Subang will compete. The finalists will be assessed by four judges, namely, Ida Erlinda, Head of Destinations and Tourism Products, District Tourism, Youth and Sports Office Subang; Firna Firsha, Vocalist of Mystic Band; Elis Juitasari, Art Teacher at SMPN 3 Subang; and Muhammad Ridlan Akbar, Millennial Music Activist of Subang regency.

“Congratulations to the participants who passed the Spectacular Show round, and for the finalist supporters who couldn’t attend Bale DAHANA in person, don’t worry; we have prepared a live broadcast via the PT DAHANA YouTube channel,” said Mr Nugraha.

The 17 finalists who will compete in the Spectacular Show round include Bertha Sihombing (SMAN 3 Subang), Bunga Sabrina Arini (SMAN 3 Subang), Albi Fahrul (SMKS Pasundan Subang), Vanesha Febianty (SMKN 1 Cipunagara), Salesya (SMKS Pasundan Subang), Risqia Akmal Fauziah (SMAN 1 Subang), Raira Kamelia (SMAN 1 Subang), Nadia (SMAN 1 Pegaden), Nazhifa Khoerunnisa (SMAN 1 Pabuaran), Keyzia Valent Okulia Aritonang (SMAN 3 Subang), Wina Nur Halizah (SMAN 1 Cipunagara), Kareina Zaskia Ardhiany (SMKN 2 Subang), Nabillah Chintya Jivana (SMK PGRI Subang), Rifa Satya Praja (SMK PGRI Subang), Indriati Utami (SMKN Kasomalang), Dewa Yudistira (SMAN 3 Subang), and Melisa (SMKN 2 Subang).

Meanwhile, the 2023 Dahana Singing Competition event committee, Cecep R. Jayadi, said that the 2023 Singing Competition is DAHANA’s dedication to the young generation of Subang in hoping that the organizing team can explore the potential of the golden voice that exists in Subang Regency.

“We hope that through this singing event, Subang Regency can find more singing talents, just as at that time Subang succeeded in producing talents such as Tina Toon, Lilis Karlina, and Nirwana Band. It is not impossible that in the future another excellent singer will be born from Subang ,” said Mr Jayadi.