As a company engaged in the high energy materials industry and part of the Defense Industry SOEs Holding, PT DAHANA (Persero) attended the Coordination Meeting for Policy Makers, Users and Producers for the Defense and Security Sector for Fiscal Year 2022. The coordination meeting was organized by the Director General of Defense Potential of the Ministry of Defense at in Birawa Hall, Menara Bidakara 2, Jakarta, Wednesday, January 12, 2022.


President Director of PT DAHANA (Persero) Wildan Widarman said that PT DAHANA (Persero) strongly supports the Alpalhankam (Defence and Security Devices)stakeholder coordination meeting, because this meeting is a forum for all domestic defense industries to meet each other. This meeting is also meant to get directions from related stakeholders to ensure that production of the Alpalhankam can be executed in an efficient and effective way tailored to the user’s needs.


“Obviously this coordination meeting is very good for us, as members of the defense industry, as it allows us to talk to each other, both SOEs and Private Business and in BUMS, especially in the defense industry. It is our hope that that collaboration and synergy between the defense industry can be better established to create a strong, independent, and highly competitive defense industry,” said Mr Widarman.


In line with the direction of the Deputy Minister of Defense, M. Herindra, during his speech, the elements in the National defense industry is expected to support each other. He said that linkages between stakeholder institutions must be  strong since it is a prerequisite for creating a healthy and strong defense industry ecosystem.


“The most important thing in the defense industry ecosystem is good and right corporate management. Simplicity,  transparency and accountability are the principles that must be carried out by every stakeholder,” Mr Herindra said.


Apart from being a participant, DAHANA also exhibited its defense industry products at the coordination meeting. Some of the featured mock-ups included the Rhan-122 Rocket, P-100L Bomb, Rocket Launch Vehicle, and several dummy explosive products displayed in the showcase.


A state-owned company engaged in the explosives industry, related services and products for explosives, DAHANA also supports the independence of the Defense and Security Agency of the Republic of Indonesia by providing explosives for all dimensions of national defense.


Until now DAHANA EMC has succeeded in producing defense equipment such as P Series Bombs, Rhan 122B Rockets, Rhan 450s, Rocket Launching Vehicles, Smokeless Propellant Rockets, Counter Tank Weapons (SLT), and Merapi Missiles. Apart from that, currently DAHANA is building a propellant factory to proceed with the independence of the defense equipment system and business development which is expected to increase the Domestic Component Level (TKDN) and the National economy.