PT DAHANA is again holding a community care event called PT DAHANA Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Week 2023. The series of events will take place from 16 to 20 October 2023. This activity was officially opened by Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications and Chair of DAHANA’s 57th Anniversary Committee Juli Jajuli at Bale DAHANA, Subang, 16 October 2023.

Mr Jajuli said that the DAHANA TJSL Week activity is an annual activity held as a series of events to commemorate the company’s anniversary. More than that, this activity is a form of the Company’s commitment to the development and advancement of the community around the company.

“Throughout the year DAHANA strives to always be present in the community, and provide assistance to build and develop the community’s potentials. In commemoration of DAHANA’s 57th anniversary, we are again holding SER Week. Hopefully more people will benefit from this activity,” said Mr Jajuli.

This year, the committee has the anniversary theme “Building Resilience Through Innovation; Building resilience in the explosives industry and defense industry through innovation,” in hoping that DAHANA people can become strong individuals and always be innovative in running the company.

Meanwhile, Chairman of DAHANA SER unit Eman Suherman explained that for the DAHANA SER WEEK 2023, DAHANA has prepared various activities, such as a Drawing Competition and Art Creation Performance which will be participated in by pre-school children today. Meanwhile, Stunting Counseling, Providing Additional Food, Prolanis Exercises and Blood Donation will be held on Tuesday.

For the third day, the committee has prepared a special BuRGer (Wednesday Massive Movement) with the agenda of Healthy Walking, Tree Planting and Fun Cooking. This then will be followed with 2023 DAHANA Singing Competition for high school students on Thursday which will be finalized with the Tabligh Akbar with a charity event for orphans, Yell Competition among Islamic Forums throughout Cibogo District and DAHANA’s SER Partner Appreciation on Friday.

“We would like to thank DAHANA management for supporting this event, as well as all DAHANA people, especially the committee, who have been working are tirelessly in making this Company’s annual celebration a success. “Hopefully this DAHANA SER week can bring benefits to the company, as well as to the surrounding community in general,” concluded Mr Suherman.