PT DAHANA dispatched 300 participants of the 2024 Homecoming Fun with SOEs to Jogjakarta, Central Java and East Java. PT DAHANA Corporate Secretary Ahmad Fachrudin officially led the homecoming departure event which was held at Bale DAHANA, Subang on Friday, April 5 2024.

In his speech, Mr Fachrudin said that the free homecoming program was the Company’s effort to help make it easier for people to return to their hometowns to for the Idul Fitri festival. The free homecoming program has been a PT DAHANA’s program for many years.

“The Free Homecoming Program is a regular program implemented by SOEs which is under the Indonesian Ministry of SOEs. This program is a form of PT DAHANA’s concern and social responsibility towards the community around the company to help ease the burden on the community and make it easier for everyone to stay in touch with their families on Idul Fitri,” said Mr Fachrudin.

This year, PT DAHANA is organizing a free homecoming with 6 destination cities via departure points of Subang and Bandung. From Subang PT DAHANA dispatches travellers to Semarang, Yogyakarta and Surabaya. Meanwhile for destinations Solo, Yogyakarta and Semarang the travellers were dispatched from Bandung.

The Company saw very high enthusiasm for homecoming in 2024. In less than 24 hours, the free homecoming registration quota with PT DAHANA was completely filled. 300 homecoming travellers departed to their hometowns with PT DAHANA this year.

“On this perfect occasion, we ask for your prayers for PT DAHANA so that the Company can make further progress and the people of Subang will be more prosperous. We also thank all the participants, while wishing you a Happy Idul Fitri 1445 AH. Please accept our apology from the deep of our heart. Hopefully all the travellers reach their destination safely. Greetings to the families back home,” concluded Mr Fachrudin.

Amalia, one of the free homecoming participants, was happy that this year she could take part in the fun homecoming program with SOEs 2024 organized by PT DAHANA. She admitted that she immediately signed up for free homecoming participant as soon as she found out about the information she got through PT DAHANA’s social media.

“Thank you to DAHANA for regularly organizing free homecoming programs for the public. Hopefully this free homecoming program can be held every year so that it can help people return to their hometowns,” hoped Amalia.

The dispatch of the 2024 Fun Homecoming with SOEs was also attended by representatives of the Subang Police, Cibogo Police, Regental Military Chief, Cibogo District Head and the Head of Sadawarna Village. PT DAHANA’s Echelon I officials were also present, such as VP Corporate Planning & Supply Chain Alip Muharam, VP HCM Bayu Anggoro, VP Corporate Finance Erik Sugianto, VP EMC Dadan Munawar and Head of SPI Y. Agus Setiawan.

This free homecoming program is the final stage of a series of Gema Ramadan 2024 programs organized by PT DAHANA with various other social activities. The programs included charity for prayer facilities for mosques around the company, basic food assistance for the community, cash allowance for orphans, distribution of free fast breaking snack (takjil), MSME training and fostered partner bazaars, as well as distribution of basic food supplies for people with disabilities.