PT DAHANA held the closing of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Month Commemoration which started earlier in January 16, 2024. DAHANA’s Director of Technology and Development Suhendra Yusuf RPN also gave an online speech via zoom meeting, Wednesday, April 3, 2024.

Mr Yusuf said that the National OHS Month which is also commemorated by DAHANA has a deep message for DAHANA people for maintaining work health and safety. In addition to that, employees are also encouraged to model a healthy and safe lifestyle at home.

“Hopefully the end of the OHS month commemoration will bring new understanding and enthusiasm to create a zero accident work situation. We congratulate and thank the committee for successfully running the event amidst their busy lives with the Company duties,” said Mr Yusuf.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Manager of OHS-Environment and Chair of the 2024 National OHS Month Committee, Diana Diah Utami, said that the implementation of the 2024 National OHS Month at DAHANA ran quite smoothly, and there was a program that could invite family representatives of production employees at the peak of the event with the theme ‘Family Safety Support’.

“We hope that the active role of the family can support the realization of a culture of occupational safety and health (off the job safety),” said Miss Utami.

She added that the closing event for the OHS Month Commemoration was the beginning of the DAHANA Safety Culture Mindset program which was marked by the launch of a video. The committee hoped that this event can provide benefits and become a collective momentum to strengthen the implementation of OHS in their respective work areas.

In addition to the video screenings, the closing event was also the time for announcements of various competitions held to commemorate National OHS Month. The following is a list of winners of the DAHANA K3 Culture Competition:

1st Place in Cultured OHS

  • Site Project Category: JsP Adaro
  • Production Category:

– Implementation of Safety Talk – CE and DANFO factories

– Compliance with PPE – Elemented Detonator Factory

  • Office Category: Accounting and Budget

Photography Competition

1st Place: Ade Suhandi

2nd Place: Nadia Hutagulung

3rd place: Nanjar

Safety Campaign Competition: Tegar Pangestu

“Allow me to congratulate all the winners, hopefully they can increase enthusiasm in carrying out and campaigning for occupational health and safety,” concluded Miss Utami.