This Strategic Industrial State-owned Enterprise of National Defence & Hightech Industries Cluster is penetrating into the international market. Following their interest in working in collaboration with Indonesian strategic defense industry last January, the Qatar delegation visited some state-owned enterprises within the cluster at PT Dirgantara Indonesia Bandung, Thursday, 28 December 2017.

The Qatar delegation was welcomed by three of the cluster members, namely PT Dirgantara Indonesia a host, PT DAHANA (Persero), and PT PAL Indonesia (Persero). These three strategic state-owned enterprises had the opportunity to present their commercial products to the delegation.

During the visit, the Qatar delegation received a warm welcome from DAHANA which was represented by DAHANA’ Operational Director Bambang Agus who gave a speech on information on DAHANA’s defense products.


Apart from producing mining industry, drilling and civil blasting work, DAHANA also develops military products such as RHAN rocket, P100-Live bombs and other commercial explosives.

During his speech, Bambang Agung also explained about the military products and presented DAHANA’s unique souvenir to the delegation.

Besides Bambang Agung, PT DAHANA (Persero), DAHANA’s General Manager for Oil and Gas Division, Deputy for Planning Director and Public Relation Team were also present in welcoming the Qatar delegation.

After the meeting and ceremonials, the Qatar delegation left. (Yq)