At the end of 2017, PT DAHANA (Persero), the national explosive producer located in Subag was awarded with the Regental Government of Subang for the company’s outstanding contribution to the people and the regency of Subang.

The award is given to DAHANA as The Best Company in Delivery of Corporate Social Responsibility (CR) program. The award was directly handed by the Regent of Subang Imas Aryumningsih to Dahana which was represented by Manager of Public Relations and Organization, Juli Jajuli, on Wednesday (27/12) during the occasion of Launching for Online Permit at the Office of Capital Investment and One Gate Integrated Service System at Jl Ade Irma Suryani Nasution No.2, Karanganyar, district of Subang, regency of Subang, West Java.

“I would like to thank all the companies which have sustainably contributed with the CR programs in the interest of the people of Subang and for helping develop the regency of Subang. It is my hope that more companies will do the same,” said Imas Aryumningsih in her speech (27/12/2017).

Juli Jajuli said he was thankful for the fact that DAHANA’ CSR program performance was well appreciated by the regental government. “Thank God, our hard and collaborative work within the effort of delivery of community service work and the environment has been appreciated by the Government Of Subang,” Juli Jajuli told Dfile.

The award has surely encouraged DAHANA to make better community service in the future. “In 2018, we need to improve our community partnership and assistance program. It is necessary to make sure that the community assistance programs run in a more sustainable way,” said Juli.

Eman Suherman, Chief of DAHANA’s Community Partnership and Assistant Program was also thankful for the appreciation. He said this would be the trigger for DAHANA’s CSR team to improve their CSR delivery programs for the benefit of the local community.

“God’s willing, we will have a better and more sustainable community partnership and assistance program. Support our programs and let’s keep our fingers crossed so that we can keep the appreciation with us,” Suherman hoped.

Apart from DAHANA, some other state-owned and regional-owned enterprises such as Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat, BJB, Bank Mandiri and PT Tirta Investama also received similar awards (sya)