PT DAHANA (Persero) is again offering vacancies for the Indonesian people to take part in developing and advancing the Indonesian nation-owned explosives company. This time, DAHANA takes applications for the public, especially the millennials with expertise in the IT such as IT Programmers and IT Infrastructure & Networking.


Serving as a state-owned company engaged in the explosives industry, DAHANA is one of the companies that has set big targets in the future. All infrastructure pieces such as establishment of explosives factories from upstream to downstream are in the process of development.


Apart from that DAHANA also has its specific human development programs, especially after the adoption of AKHLAK was announced by the Ministry of BUMN. Every year, DAHANA’s employee get achievements such as awards from various groups up to certification from Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI).


DAHANA’s very warm work culture and various other facilities have made it possible for the applicants to develop their knowledge and build financial rewards. The number one explosives company in Southeast Asia has also continued to develop its market in the international world, especially in the ASEAN and Asia Pacific regions.


The following are the requirements for applicants for the IT Programmer position:


– Maximum of age 30 years

– Preferably Bachelor (S1) graduates

– Graduates of Department of Informatics/Computer Science/Information Systems/ Information Management

– A minimum GPA of 3.00

– Proficient in Web & Mobile Programming

– Proficient in Microsoft SQL Server/MySQL/Oracle databases

– Proficient in PHP programming for several types of frameworks, HTML5, CSS3, Java, Laravel.

– Proficient in JS framework, namely ReactJS, ReactNative.

– Good knowledge in REST API or web service.

– Good knowledge in Linux operating system.

– Experience in web-based, mobile and desktop programming.


While the requirements for applicants for IT Infrastructure & Networking positions are:


– Maximum age of 30 years.

– Preferably Bachelor (S1) graduates

– Graduates from Department of Informatics/Computer Science/Information Systems / Information Management

– A minimum GPA of 3.00

– Proficient in Linux and Windows Server Operating Systems

– Mastering the installation, integration, and troubleshooting of Server Hardware, Networking, Optical Fiber.

– Mastering TCP/IP networks, DNS, Proxy, Web Server, Mail Server, Firewall, Cisco Switch, Cisco Router.

– Good knowledge of virtualization technology (VMAWare).

– Possession of CCNA, ITIL certificate (plus value).

– At least 1 year experience in the related field.


Registration opens from March 1 to March 7, 2021 with the document requirements combined into one single document that contains the followings:


– Color Photograph

– Scanned ID card.

– Latest Curriculum Vitae (CV).

– Scanned  diploma.

– Scanned transcripts for S1 graduates.

– Work experience letter (if any).

– Scanned TOEFL Certificate.


“Millennials who have the expertise in the IT field and are interested in joining the Qibla of National Explosives Qibla are welcome to  submit the required documents as soon as possible. Come  develop and move forward with us!” said Ayudia Sasmaya Nazwar from DAHANA’s HR & Organizational Development Division.