Everything single that happens in the world is in accordance with the destiny established by Allah SWT. Nothing is accidental. Humans only make plans while the one who determines is still the Almighty. This was conveyed by Ustadz Syahroni Mardani Lc, in a monthly Koranic study held by Al-Akhdar  Mosque Board of PT DAHANA (Persero)’s  Al-Akhdar  Mosque Board. The online study was held on Friday, 26 February 2021 and was participated by all DAHANA employees throughout Indonesia with the theme “Nothing is a Coincidence, Life is a Choice”.


In the holy Al-Quran, there are many verses that explain how Allah SWT gives choices to His people, and the people themselves choose, practice, and are grateful or denying favour (kufur nikmat), as in Surah Al-Balad verse 10 “And We have shown him two paths (virtue and evil),”


“The way of life has been shown by Allah SWT through His words in the Koran. We just have to choose whether we want to be people who are grateful for the blessings because we have chosen the straight path or to become people who are denying favour by ignoring His orders, “said Ustadz Syahroni.


Ustadz Syahroni also reminded us about the cause and effect in human actions. “What we plant today is the result of what we did in the past, so there is really no coincidence because everything happens according to what we choose or do,” Ustadz Syahroni ordered.


At the end of the study, Ustadz Syahroni responded to one of the congregation’s questions on how to always be istiqomah (consistent) in doing good things. According to him, faith fluctuates, and therefore the way to increase faith is to obey. There are many things that can be done, such as getting along with pious people, reading the Koran and practicing their knowledge.  Our faith will increase if we keep doing good things.


“It is our hope that regularly participating in studies like this will be one of the ways to increase our faith, Amen!,” concluded Ustadz Syahroni. (rmt)