PT DAHANA won two awards as the 3rd Best Company in the Organizational Transformation Category of a SOEs Subsidiary, and Best CEO in Supporting FEMM (Food, Energy, Mining, and Military) Project at the 13th Annual SOEs Award 2024 event organized by BUMN Track Magazine. The award was received directly by the President Director of PT DAHANA Wildan Widarman on Wednesday, March 13, 2024, at the Ballroom of the Westin Hotel Jakarta.

Mr Widarman said that the award given by the BUMN Track Magazine was achieved as a result of the hard work of all elements of DAHANA’s people. Armed with the AKHLAK core values, DAHANA continues to strive to improve business processes in accordance with Good Corporate Governance to make sure the Company is able to achieve its targets.

“Thank God, we would also like to thank the board of commissioners who always provide guidance to us, the board of directors and all DAHANA people for their hard work so far. We would also especially like to express our thanks to DAHANA’s consumers and stakeholders. For this collaboration, DAHANA was able to create new history,” said Mr Widarman.

As is known, in the last few years, DAHANA has sustainably succeeded in setting new records in the financial sector. In 2023, the explosives mecca company managed to record extraordinary performance.

Mr Widarman conveyed that this was achieved because DAHANA took corrective steps through business innovation, organizational transformation, implementing a talent management system, and consistently implementing good corporate governance.

Not satisfied with this, in order to serve the country better, DAHANA raised the theme “Building Resilience Through Innovation: Resilient People with High Competitiveness” as the theme for 2024, with the agenda of developing superior and tough DAHANA talents with a high level of competency.

In addition to that, DAHANA also has a commitment to progress and develop together with the community, especially those around the company. Through the Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) unit, DAHANA helps develop the community’s economy through the MSEs partner programs.

“Through this program, DAHANA does not only provide capital loans, DAHANA SER unit is committed to elevating the class of MSEs for its fostered partners, so we provide coaching programs, such as certification, marketing training, packaging making, and export training. Thank God, several of our partners now routinely export their products abroad,” concluded Mr Widarman.