PT DAHANA is holding the 2024 Free Homecoming as part of the Joyful Homecoming program with SOEs 2024. This year, DAHANA’s Free Homecoming provides three routes, namely Subang – Semarang, Subang – Yogyakarta, and Subang – Surabaya and is planned to depart on April 5, 2024 from Bale DAHANA, Subang, West Java.

President Director of PT DAHANA Wildan Widarman said, DAHANA organized this free homecoming program as a routine company program to help people meet their families in their hometowns during the holidays.

“Thank God, this year DAHANA is again holding regular free homecoming activities. This is a form of the Company’s concern for the surrounding community to always be present in their needs. As is known, going home during Eid is very difficult, because apart from being expensive, a lot of people go home for the Eid. Therefore, DAHANA is also organizing this free homecoming program,” said Mr Widarman.

In line with SOEs Minister Erick Thohir, according to Mr Widarman, the free homecoming program aims to enable DAHANA to make more contributions to society as a State-Owned Enterprise which has the task of being a stronghold of the national economy and is also present in creating pro-community programs.

Meanwhile, PT DAHANA’s Head of Social and Environmental Responsibility, Eman Suherman, said that the 2024 Free Homecoming Program is now in the registration stage. Residents living around Subang can start signing up with the following conditions:

  1. One participant can only sign up once
  2. Participant can sign up for their family members as proven by the same Citizen Number in 1 (one) Family Card during the re-registration process or with a Student Card if they do not yet have a Citizen Number/ID Card. Children aged 4 (four) years and over should be registered as adult passengers.
  3. Re-registration may not be represented except by the family member concerned
  4. Participants who withdraw their registration will be subject to BLACKLIST sanctions for returning home next year.
  5. Participants can only book a maximum of 4 seats in 1 family.
  6. Participants can only choose one homecoming city
  7. Participants are required to re-register on 1 – 2 April 2024 at the DAHANA SER Unit Office for the file verification process.
  8. Homecoming participants are prohibited from changing buses other than the designated bus.

Here is how to sign up: participants can sign up by filling in the form via the link or call the telephone number (WA Only) Syifa Pradita 081227553317 (Subang – Yogyakarta), Nabiha Reyhan 081931020253 (Subang – Surabaya), and Deslika 0895426338206 (Subang – Semarang).

“Participants who pass verification will be confirmed by the PIC of each department to carry out the re-registration process. When re-registering, participants are required to bring a photocopy of the participant’s KTP, as well as a photocopy of their family card or student card. Homecoming participants will receive facilities in the form of AC Executive Buses, merchandise, snacks and medicine,” concluded Mr Suherman.