DAHANA’s PR has never failed to come with ideas to make sure that this state-owned explosives company keeps running. Following the reception of various awards from the PR Indonesia Award during Indonesian PR Jamboree, in 2021 DAHANA Public Relations will launch a new Dahana 60-second Video program to reach the larger range of society.


This new program is inseparable from the phenomenon of shift of people’s behavior in utilizing media from writing to visual. DAHANA Public Relations chose the Dahana 60-second Video program with the concept of digital story telling to become its flagship program this year.


“People’s habits started to shift from written media to more visual ones, one of which is in the form of videos. DAHANA tries to communicate its activities through video presentations to make it more interesting and easier for the public to comprehend, ”said DAHANA’s Public Relations & Institutional Manager, Juli Jajuli.


According to Juli, the 60-second Dahana Video will come in visual presentations containing DAHANA’s activities ranging from health education, anti-bribery, AKHLAK core values ​​to the introduction of explosives in the form of a video with a duration of 60 seconds or one minute. This content will  add to DAHANA’s content on social media. Apart from that, to reach a wider audience, Dahana  60-second video products will also be disseminated through employee’s social media networks.


The interest in visual media such as videos has increased in the past few years, in line with the ever convenient public access to smart phones. In fact, visual media activities have become a new profession favored by millennial circles be it for streaming, gaming, vlogging, and considerable activities channeled through various kinds of online channels.


This media transition is considered to be very good when it is is followed by the company’s sustainable effort  in disseminating its activities or products in the form of videos. In addition to nature of reach, visual interaction through impressions will make it easier for message recipients to receive information and of course bring consumers closer to the company.


Therefore, Juli said, that his team would produce five to ten Dahana’s 60-second videos each month. This is an offering for consumers, leaners of explosives studies, DAHANA lovers, and the Indonesian public in general.