DAHANA’s Partnership and Community Development Program (PKBL) Unit once again delivered charitable assistance to the Subang community. This time the Company provided fresh water facilities to Madinatul Musthofa Islamic Boarding School located in Curugagung Village, Subang Regency on Tuesday, December 29, 2020.

According to the Head of DAHANA PKBL Eman Suherman, the aid for fresh water facilities is intended to allow students feel comfortable during the education process, especially in fulfilling their personal hygiene needs. The assistance consisted of of building materials received by M. Mahmud, head of the Islamic boarding school.

The need for fresh water has been really high for the people of Subang, especially during the long dry season. Learning from the previous year experience where people got difficulty accessing the need for clean water, DAHANA decided to provide fresh water facilities a key issue in implementing its CSR programs.

Apart from that, Eman also considered that the students at Madinatul Musthofa Islamic Boarding School are the next generation of Subang, therefore it is important that students get the comfort while during the education process is important. Islamic boarding schools are one of the educational institutions that have become a strong pedestal for the making of quality human resources in Indonesia.

“DAHANA, as a state-owned company engaged in the explosives industry, certainly has very high concern towards education in Indonesia. It is our hope that this assistance can be of use to students who are studying at Madinatul Mushtofa Islamic Boarding School,” said Eman.

After unloading related fresh water supplies, the handover ceremony took place and was finalized with a prayer joined by the students of Madinatul Mushtofa Islamic Boarding School. At this time, Mahmud, as the head of the boarding, also prayed that DAHANA would be more victorious, progressive, and successful in all its activities.