DAHANA again assisted a village by providing clean water facilities. This time, the assistance was handed over directly by the Head of DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Unit Eman Suherman to the Head of Cibeusi Village Wawan Aripin at the Cibeusi Village Office, Subang, Thursday, on July 27 2023.

According to Mr Suherman, currently Subang will be experiencing a dry season with the potential for lack clean water. Therefore, as a company headquartered in Subang, DAHANA is also anticipating this by providing clean water facilities, so that people are not worried about facing the dry season.

“With this clean water facility assistance program, PT DAHANA through its SER unit helps the community with their need for clean water, especially in anticipation to this dry season. This is a form of company’s presence the midst of community needs, “said Mr Suherman.

Mr Suherman added that currently the community still uses river water for bathing and cooking needs, despite the fact that the river water is not as hygienic as it used to be. With the supply of clean water facilities, DAHANA’s SER encouraged the community to change their water consumption patterns to its cleaner and safer one.

The clean water facilities came in the form of a set of pipes from DAHANA which will flow fresh water from the spring to the community’s clean water facility to make sure that people can bathe and drink or cook with fresh and healthy water as to avoid possible various diseases.

“We hope that this clean water facility can change the health behavior from the use of river water for bathing, cooking and washing toilets to better, cleaner and safer water from the springs which is channelled through pipes under PT DAHANA’s assistance,” concluded Mr Suherman.

As a large company located in Subang Regency, DAHANA is committed to advancing and developing with the people of Subang. Each year DAHANA provides a large budget for the environmental, education, health sectors, and acceleration of economic development of the Subang people.