In order to improve the competence of the Auditor that includes planning, guide for the audit concept of “organizational context, leadership” and commitment, PT DAHANA (Persero) held a Training on Guidelines for Management Systems Audit for Comprehension of Transition of ISO 19011: 2018. The training was held in the Training Building of PT DAHANA (Persero) for 2 days on 8 – 9 July 2020 in collaboration with Sprint Consultant member of PT SUCOFINDO (Persero).

Ayudia Sasmaya Nazwar from the HR & Organizational Development Section as the training committee member explained that there were 20 attendees plus 3 online participants who DAHANA’s employees in the Jakarta office.

Ayudia added that the training was intended to provide briefs or guidance for employees in conducting audits including planning, guiding audit concepts, organizational context, leadership and commitment, virtual auditing, compliance, supply chains and increasing Auditor competence.

Intan Ratnasari, one of the training participants who came from the PT DAHANA (Persero) Internal Audit Unit responded positively to this training. During the training she admitted that she got introduced to a lot of new knowledge which would certainly be very useful in supporting her duties as Assistant Auditor. “I got a new knowledge, new standards applied to auditing process,” Intan said to DFile.

She continued that actually DAHANA had been implementing the audit system. “But surely we need to get updated with some details that we need to refine”

Intan hoped that each auditor will implement the learned audit system to make sure it is more structured while related outputs become clearer. “Clear outputs and inputs will certainly give positive feedback to the company,” concluded Intan. (rmt)