In order to improve employee’s product knowledge on explosives produced by DAHANA, both in the commercial and military sectors, the Department of Energetic Material Center (EMC) and Human Capital Management (HCM) of DAHANA gave In-house Training for employees who are not directly related to blasting work. The IHT lasted two days, 28 – 29 September 2022 in a hybrid manner; online by Zoom meeting and offline in the Smart Room of DAHANA Campus, Subang.

DAHANA’s Human Capital Development Personnel, Ezha Kurniasari said, “In-house Training is a training organized within the Company’s location. Under the theme of “Refreshment on Introduction of PT DAHANA’s Explosives”, participants are expected get introduced to DAHANA’s explosives products in a better way.

“This refreshment training for introducing DAHANA’s explosives is intended to increase product knowledge for all DAHANA employees, especially for DAHANA personnel who do not directly handle explosives on a daily basis. We know the proverb “tak kenal maka tak sayang” (you won’t love things you are not familiar with); you need to get familiar with something before you start loving it,” said Miss Kurniasari.

Miss Kurniasari added that the IHT came in two topics, namely the Commercial Field which was given by the Manager of Research and Innovation of Commercial Products, Surya Nugraha and the Manager of K3LH & Quality, Ivan Angga Maulana; while in the Military Field, the topic was presented by the Manager of Research and Innovation of Military Products, Anggaria Maharani, and Assistant Manager for Commercial Product Research and Innovation, Akhryan Eka Putra.

The In-house Training was organized in such a way that participants could attend it without sparing their regular work. The In-house Training was given in two days to make sure participants could take turns while attending the training. Miss Kurniasari also said that the IHT participants were highly enthusiastic in each of the series of agenda.

“With this training, I hope that all DAHANA personnel will increasingly get introduced to and get a full comprehension and pride of the products, namely PT DAHANA’s explosives,” concluded Miss Kurniasari.

Up to the present time, DAHANA has continuously made innovation and development of its explosive products, such as Dawagel’s innovation in the commercial sector which can be relied upon to detonate complex rocks, and several DAHANA’s military business line products such as the Rajata Munition Loitering, Smokeless Rockets, Counter-tank Weapons and propellants.