Bandung Energy and Mining Polytechnic (PEP) students conducted a field study on Drilling and Blasting Engineering at PT DAHANA. SM Corporate Services Ogi Nugraha welcomed the group of Bandung PEP students and lecturers, at the DAHANA Campus, Subang, West Java, Thursday, March 7, 2024.

In his speech, Mr Nugraha introduced the history of PT DAHANA which took the name from Sanskrit word meaning ‘fire’, the birth of DAHANA from the “Menang Project” of the Indonesian Air Force, to the Company’s relocation to Tasikmalaya.

“On an area of 600 acres DAHANA has built various facilities such as explosives factory, warehouses, meeting halls, and a Central Management Office, abbreviated as ‘Campus’. Even though it is not a university, the DAHANA campus has the same philosophical meaning, namely as a center for explosives development, research and innovation in Indonesia,” said Mr Nugraha.

DAHANA operates in business lines related to explosives such as general mining, quarrying & construction, as well as oil and gas & military with One Stop Explosive Solutions services ranging from drilling & blasting, loading & hauling, handling, warehousing, to destruction of explosives.

In addition to that, as the mecca for Indonesian explosives, DAHANA is also known as the company with the most complete explosives facilities in ASEAN. DAHANA’s job sites are scattered across various regions in Indonesia, and explosive products engineered by DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) are trusted by overseas customers.

Head of the Bandung Mining Technology Study Program, Rochsyid Anggara, said that his students’ arrival this time was to learn directly from experts about the drilling and blasting process.

“Thank you to DAHANA for facilitating the Drilling and Mining Engineering Course. This is the second time we have conducted field study at DAHANA. We hope that students can take part in the activities seriously, so that they can bring home useful knowledge for later in the world of work,” said Mr Anggara.

After receiving a presentation from the DAHANA team in the class room, the students had the opportunity to visit the Energetic Material Center area to test non-electric detonator products and see the production process at the emulsion cartridge factory.