JAKARTA – PT DAHANA attended the Permanent Trade Exhibition (PTE) organized by the Ministry of Trade by inviting the Cambodian Embassy’s Commercial Attache, Kann Viseth, to open up opportunities for the export of explosives. This trade meeting was held at the Main Building of the Ministry of Trade, Jakarta, on Thursday, July 28, 2022.

The Permanent Trade Exhibition is a showroom on the 2nd floor of the Main Building of the Ministry of Trade which displays about hundreds of companies that place samples of export products as references for foreign buyers who come to look for potential products from Indonesia.

At the event which was opened by the Director of Market Development and Export Information, Marolop Nainggolan, General Manager of DAHANA’s General Mining Division 2, Abdul Haris said that he was very happy and grateful to the Ministry of Trade for the invitation to attend PTE and open opportunities for cooperation between DAHANA and the Cambodian counterpart.

“Our gratitude goes to Mr. Marolop Nainggolan as Director of Market Development and Export Information of the Ministry of Trade. It is our hope that this meeting will open up opportunities for the export of DAHANA’s explosives blasting services for use in the Southeast Asian market, especially in Cambodia,” said Mr Haris.

Mr Haris also explained that DAHANA is an Indonesian explosives mecca company which offers the most complete explosives facilities in Southeast Asia, both for commercial and military purposes. With the support of the Energetic Material Center (EMC) and trained and experienced Human Resources, DAHANA is ready to assist Cambodia in general mining, quarry and construction projects, up to the military‘s need for  explosives and blasting services.

In his presentation, Mr Haris who was accompanied by GM General Mining Division 1 Herry Sudaryanto, and GM Oil and Gas Mining Division, Yusep Nugraha added, DAHANA’s products have so far proven to be of high quality and are trusted by mining consumers in Indonesia.

Another advantage of DAHANA’s blasting products and services is the integrated blasting service system known as the Total Explosive Solution, from explosives manufacturing, licensing, warehousing, transportation, to the destruction of unused explosives. All of DAHANA’s explosives and services are also known for their competitive price with global competitors in the country.

“DAHANA is also currently a member of the SOEs Defense Industry Holding. Apart from commercial use, DAHANA, which uses a dual use system, also produces military explosives, such as P Series Bombs, Defense Rocket Series, Smokeless Rockets, Counter-tank Weapons, and has just recently performed a soft launch and  test flight of a Kamikaze Drone named Rajata,” said Mr Haris.

Mr Viseth also expressed his interest in DAHANA’s blasting products and services, and will convey it to Cambodian businessmen about PT DAHANA’s explosive production capabilities and human resources.