Following the performance evaluation of Operational Person in Charge (OPIC) of Dahana by PT Adaro Indonesia for the 2021 period from January to March 2022, PT DAHANA obtained Good Performance status. This was stated in a letter from Adaro’s Head of Mining Engineering, Suhernomo, numbered: 1683/AI-HSE/V/2022 to the Directors of PT DAHANA.

In his letter, Mr Suhernomo conveyed that the standards used in the related assessment consisted of, identification, ownership, and development of OPIC, performance and leadership of OPIC as the top personnel on site in carrying out duties and responsibilities, and  OPIC’s commitment and discipline in terms of report submission and  attendance at PT Adaro Indonesia’s business agenda. Based on this this assessment, DAHANA received a final score of 85% from 17 assessment points.

“We would like to convey our big thanks for the contribution of the Operational Person In Charge in the application of the Guidelines for the Implementation of Good Mining Engineering Rules of mineral and coal mining activities during the period of 2021, according to the Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 1827K/30/MEM/2018 at PT Adaro Indonesia,” said Mr Suhernomo.

The evaluation results by PT Adaro Indonesia were welcomed by the Director of Operations of DAHANA, Bambang Agung, and the management of DAHANA is committed to continuously improving the quality of company personnel assigned to Adaro.

“Thank you for the information regarding the Performance Evaluation Results of Dahana – Adaro Site OPIC, 2021. We will use these results as evaluation bases to improve the quality of Dahana personnel working in the PT Adaro Indonesia area,” said Mr Agung.

DAHANA is trusted by Adaro Indonesia to supply explosives and blasting services. In performing the work, DAHANA uses On-Site Plant Continuous and Mobile Manufacturing Truck (MMT) to produce DABEX73. In addition, DAHANA uses Remote Firing, Electronic Detonator, and Dayadet Non-Electric to perform blasting at the Adaro site.

DAHANA Adaro Site OPIC, Sonny Marindo said, his success is the result of the commitment of all DAHANA employees at the Adaro site to carry out all Mining Safety programs that have imposed by consumers (Adaro) in accordance with the designated target results and time frame.

“Apart from that, this success is also the result of the commitment and optimum support of DAHANA’s management in providing all DAHANA’s operational needs at the Adaro site,” said Mr Marindo.

Mr Marindo also hoped that DAHANA can continue to improve service quality, innovate, and adapt both in terms of products and operations to make sure that DAHANA can win the competition with many local and foreign competitors in Indonesia.