In commemoration of DAHANA’s 54th Anniversary, DAHANA’s millennials distributed masks to the Subang community in the STIESA area, Al Afif Mosque and Ciloa Petrol Station on Thursday, October 22, 2020. The event is a form of Dahana’s youths concern to help control spread of Covid-19 spread that has haunted people of Indonesian since early 2020.

The number of people infected with the Covid-19 virus has not shown a significant decrease. The rising figure has raised Dahana’s youths concern and the need to take a role. In collaboration with the Dahana’s Community Development and Partnership Program, millennial working at the at the explosives company created a Covid-19 transmission prevention program.

According to Muhammad Helmi Faisal, one of Dahana’s millennials, the distribution of masks by Dahana had actually started out since the beginning of the pandemic in Indonesia, but he thought it was necessary to keep reminding people on the importance of health proctocaol as some seemed to have gone easy with the necessity of wearing masks.

“With the distribution of masks, we hope that the Subang community can remain disciplined and understand how important it is to maintain health protocols amidst pandemic that has not yet subsided,” said Helmi.

Together with several other millennials, they walked to three points distributing masks to the people. People demonstrated their gratitude and positive response as they were happy to receive the mask. This indicates that people are starting to again grow awareness on health protocols again.

Helmi also explained that the masks that his team distributed were the result of a mask design competition held to commemorate DAHANA’s 54th Anniversary.

“I would like to thank the team involved, as well as Dahana’s Community and Partnership Program for encouraging the success of this event,” he added. (yz)