PT DAHANA nurtures the potential of its employees with one of the popular sports, namely volleyball. The Indonesian explosives company has formed a volleyball team called DinamitDahana which is under the Arts and Sports (Senior) Division. DAHANA’s Director of Technology and Development Suhendra Yusuf RPN launched the Dinamit DAHANA Team at the DAHANA Campus, Subang, Thursday, June 27, 2024.

Mr Yusuf said that the formation of the Dinamit DAHANA volleyball team is the Company’s step to nurture employees, in the sense of developing all their potential, such as potential in the field of sports. As is known, the DAHANA volleyball team is an outstanding sport team as it was champion at the 2024 DEFEND ID Cup event.

“Apart from that, PT DAHANA also really cares about the physical and mental health of its employees. This volleyball sports coaching is expected to trigger employee enthusiasm in exercising, for the fact that with a healthy body, strong mentality, then employees will be more productive, and ultimately will bring prosperity to all,” said Mr Yusuf.

The name Dinamit DAHANA was chosen to show the Company’s identity as a legendary explosives player with experience. The use of the word ‘dinamit’ (dynamite) also shows the history of the first product that DAHANA successfully produced in the early days of the Company’s establishment.

Apart from that, the name ‘dinamit’ was also inspired by the nickname of the Danish National Football Team which surprised the world at the EURO 1992 event. The Danish National Team managed to become champions defeating the West German National Team after replacing the Yugoslavian National Team which was withdrawn due to the prolonged conflict in their country.

The Dinamit DAHANA Team consists of high-achieving employees including, M Hilman, Andri S, Egi Adianto, Ujang Supriadi, Ragil Yudo K, Tio Septi N, Riki Purnama, Rugi Gunawan, and Andri. Neni Sumarni from SENIOR DAHANA acts as team manager. This team will later receive coaching in the form of training support, as well as funding for matches outside of Company events.

“Under the name ‘Dinamit DAHANA’, the company hopes that the volleyball team can demonstrate explosive quality in every match, playing hard to defeat all opponents to become champions while participating in future tournaments,” said Yusuf RPN.