DAHANA launched its 57th anniversary logo in conjunction with the “Three Years of SOEs AKHLAK” Celebration. The launching was carried out by the Director of Technology & Development of DAHANA, Suhendra Yusuf RPN accompanied by the Chairman of the Committee for DAHANA’s 57th Anniversary, Juli Jajuli at the Auditorium of the Dahana Campus on July 31, 2023.

For its 57th anniversary, DAHANA raised the theme “Building Resilience through Innovation” which represents the concept of building resilience in the explosives and defense industries through innovation. The logo was first introduced during the initial 2023 RKAP Elaboration Working Meeting. This theme contains the hope that DAHANA’s people can become strong individuals and remain innovative in running the company.

“Under this theme, we hope that DAHANA’s people will continue to be resilient individuals while facing challenges that are not always easy. Resilience is supported by innovation which is an attitude of not getting easily satisfied with achievements. We continue to provide the best service for stakeholders,” said Mr Yusuf in his opening remarks.

Meanwhile, Juli Jajuli added that DAHANA’s 57th anniversary logo incorporates meaningful symbols represents the spirit of PT DAHANA. The interlocking and modernized chain in its design symbolizes the interconnected human relations to support and help each other to gain strength like the chain. The chain also symbolizes DAHANA’s people with strong unity formed by the spirit of innovation.

“The color scheme of the logo is also based on a philosophical meaning. The blue color symbolizes technology, strength, innovation and professionalism, and PT DAHANA quality operations. The green color symbolizes growth and hope, reflecting the company’s aspirations for a bright and hopeful future,” explained Mr Jajuli.

The geometric patterns in the logo depict the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of PT DAHANA’s employees that stick together under a common vision for progress and innovation.

“The 57th anniversary logo is the result of a competition among employees. Out of the 10 participant’s entries, top three were selected by the Anniversary Committee and submitted to management. The Board of Directors decided one logo, which is the logo that is currently being launched,” said Mr Jajuli.

The committee has also prepared programs to be implemented in order to enliven DAHANA’s anniversary series along way to its anniversary commemoration peak in October 2023.

“DAHANA’s 57th anniversary program is divided into the Company’s stakeholder segments. There are programs for employees, consumers, alumni, the media, the world of education to community care programs,” concluded Mr Jajuli.

The launching event was attended by DAHANA’s President Director Wildan Widarman, Director of Finance, MR and HR Ahyanizzaman; Director of Technology & Development Suhendra Yusuf RPN, and Director of Operations Yusep Nugraha. Also present was the representative of DAHANA’s Commissioner, Rizky Olyvia Nasution. Meanwhile DAHANA employees from all over Indonesia are present offline and online.