This training on the use of LFE is a program from the emergency response team that aims to provide insights to employees in dealing with small fires using the LFE.

At the beginning of the rainy season, the danger of fire remains high. Electrical short circuit is usually the main cause of fires in the rainy season. In order to overcome the emergence of fatalities and huge loss in the event of a fire disaster, PT DAHANA (Persero) held a simulation and training in the use of Light Fire Extinguishers (LFE).
The training was given on Friday, November 22, 2019 in PT DAHANA (Persero) hellypad area and was attended by representatives of employees and employees from each department. The speaker was Andri Sudaryadi, Commander of the DAHANA Fire Fighter Team.

Andri gave comprehensive explanation on the methods of using fire extinguisher and the stages of mitigation in the event of a fire. He gave an example a potential fire in the form of light flames during which we have to stay calm and get the nearest LFE available.
“In DAHANA area, LEFs can be found in several strategic locations and are easy to reach. In case LFE fails to extinguish the fire, immediately contact DAHANA’s emergency response team. Give details of the location of the hotspot clearly to the emergency response team. The emergency response team will arrive at the location in about 3 minutes to carry out the next stage in extinguishing the fire, ” Andri said in front of the training participants.

Meanwhile, according to Ismail Kurbani, the training committee, the purpose of the training and simulation for the use of LFE is to give employees in PT DAHANA (Persero) and knowledge on how to use light fire extinguishers.

“The training on the use of LFE is a program from the emergency response team that aims to provide insight to employees, so that in case of a small fire, employees can handle it using the LFE without having to call the emergency response team,” said Ismail. (rmt)