PT DAHANA organized a Safety Culture Mindset Seminar to commemorate Occupational Health and Safety Month (OHS) 2024. Eizel Mauldy Muhammad was appointed as a resource person of the seminar which was attended by all Subang employees at the DAHANA Campus Auditorium on Thursday, February 1, 2024.

Chair of the PT DAHANA OHS Month Commemoration Committee, Diana Diah Utami, said that this seminar aims to change the safety mindset and culture as part of the organization’s strategy. Through shared commitment, organizations can achieve competitive advantage by creating a workplace that is not only safe, but also empowers employees to develop and contribute in an optimum way.

“Hopefully this seminar will help increase the participants’ understanding and awareness of safety culture in the work environment, understanding the current wrong way of thinking, and developing them with a proactive and sustainable safety mindset,” Miss Utami.

Safety culture mindset is the attitudes, beliefs, values and behavior perceived by individuals, groups or organizations related to safety in the workplace. This includes a deep understanding of the importance of safety, recognition that everyone has a role in creating a safe work environment, and a commitment to prioritizing safety in all actions and decisions.

PT DAHANA is a company operating in the explosives industry with extreme risks. In each operation, DAHANA has equipped employees with strict OHS knowledge and standards, such as the 5-Minute Meeting (P5M) which is routinely held every morning before operations, fulfilling all Mining OHS regulations, and creating a digital reporting system through the HSE application.

At the seminar, Mr Muhammad conveyed the definition of OHS culture, wrong mindsets in implementation of OHS, methods for increasing awareness of OHS culture in the work environment, and developing a proactive and sustainable mindset in implementation of OHS culture.

“Thank you to the speakers for their time to participate in this seminar. Hopefully with the safety culture mindset seminar, DAHANA can be more innovative in developing its culture and maintaining zero accidents in every operation,” concluded Miss Utami.