PT DAHANA organized Family Safety Support – Off-the-Job Safety which was attended by employees and their families. This event aimed to provide insight into the mindset and role of families in implementing Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) culture, especially when outside of work or “Off-the-Job Safety”.

According to the OSH-Environment Assistant Manager and Chair of the 2024 DAHANA National OSH Month Committee, Diana Diah Utami, this Safety Support event lasted two sessions. The first session was held on February 24, 2024 in Subang, attended by production operators and their families. Meanwhile, the second session was given on March 2, 2024 for operators and their families who live in Tasikmalaya.

“We, from the organizers are very proud to see the enthusiasm of employees and their families in taking part in this activity. It is the first time the Family Safety Support – Off-the-Job Safety event has been held involving family representatives,” said Miss Utami.

The committee also hoped that this activity can be carried out regularly in the future to continue to grow the role of families in building a safety culture both in the work environment and outside the work environment. In addition to that, this event was also intended to build the commitment and mindset of all employees to create a safe work environment.

Acting DAHANA’s VP Energetic Material Center, Dadan Munawar, was the speaker at the Family Safety Support – Off-the-Job Safety activity. Mr Munawar explained the importance of increasing awareness of all employees regarding OSH, including safety attitudes and culture that need to be shaped by employees and their families when outside of work.

“It is like how to drive well and properly by obeying the rules, and have a responsible and disciplined attitude when driving and when going to and from work,” said Mr Munawar.

In addition to that, an important factor regarding safety culture outside of work (Off-the-Job Safety) is about recognizing and overcoming fatigue. Fatigue can be triggered by unbalanced/excessive physical activity, lack of rest hours (sleep), irregular lifestyle as well as mental and stress factors which can cause employee concentration levels to decrease which will ultimately reduce focus at work which leads to creating potential risks to safety and occupational health.

As is known, DAHANA operates in the industrial sector which is exposed to high risks, and therefore a healthy physical condition and good focus are very crucial. The role of employee families can be a support in collaborating to develop an OSH culture to make sure that employee safety, health and productivity can be realized and achieved and its sustainability maintained.

“There is nothing more important than safety. Therefore, conduct work safely and securely, because our family is waiting for us to return home safe and sound. Hopefully this activity is useful, both for employees and their families, so that together we can be an example for society in cultivating a safe, secure and healthy mindset and lifestyle starting from home, at work, until returning home,” concluded Mr Munawar.