DAHANA conducted a disaster management simulation, collaborating with  Subang District Military Command 0605, Subang Resort Police, Subang Military Police, Battalion 312 Kala Hitam, Subang Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Subang Municiplity Police,  Subang Health Service, and Yonzipur 3. The simulation, which was held at Bale DAHANA, Subang, Friday, August 26, 2022, was intended to anticipate and reduce the impact of disasters that occur in National Vital Objects.

DAHANA’s Corporate Secretary, Bayu Anggoro said that the disaster emergency response simulation activity was carried out by inviting the Subang Forum for Regional Officials’ Communication in order to integrate preparedness for the possible explosions and fires the PT DAHANA area.

“Apart from training personnel preparedness, this activity is also carried out to check disaster management facilities and infrastructure in Subang, especially in the National Vital Object area in the DAHANA area,” said Mr Anggoro.

During the disaster management simulation activity, DAHANA noted lack of disaster management facilities and infrastructure. Therefore, Mr Anggoro explained that DAHANA will coordinate with related parties to meet the needs of these facilities and infrastructure.

In the National Vital Object area, DAHANA has various explosive factories for commercial and military purposes such as cartridge emulsion, detonator, DANFO and other explosives factories. There is also an explosives warehouse area that requires security and a good disaster management system.

Previously, on July 12, 2022, the Commander of Provincial Military Command III Siliwangi visited DAHANA, and gave a mandate to Subang District Military Command 0605 to cooperate with DAHANA on activities to secure National Vital Objects.

“Thank you to all agencies involved in this activity, especially to the Subang District Military Command 0605 who initiated this disaster response simulation activity. Hopefully this collaboration will continue and bring a sense of security to the people of Subang, especially those around the DAHANA area,” concluded Mr Anggoro.