SOEs Bikers consisting of the DAHANA Bikers Community (Kombi), Jamkrindo Motor Riders, Itora BTN, Antara Bikers Community, Best Jack Telkom Jakarta, and JMMC Jasa Marga organized a Gathering and Social Service event in Subang Regency from 3 to  4 September 2022.

Chairman of the DAHANA Committee, Ian Rendy Sebayang, said that the social service activities for the SOEs biker community were held in order to build harmony between motorcycle communities across several SOEs. However, this community also wishes to show its concern for the community.

“This event was created as a forum for friendship among motorcycle communities within the SOEs. Apart from that, under the core value of AKHLAK, this community collaborates to build awareness for the Indonesian people, especially orphans and the elderly living around the event location,” Mr Sebayang.

Mr Sebayang added that on this occasion, SOEs Bikers gathered at Curug Ciangin, Subang Regency. Dozens of bikers also supplied aids as an effort to share social warmth, as well as to encourage the community to recover themselves after the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the last two years, due to the pandemic, SOEs Bikers were unable to carry out the regular touring activities. Even so, it was noted that various SOEs biker communities took initiatives to ease the burden on the community during the pandemic, as was done by Kombi DAHANA who also supplied free food and medical equipment to the residents of Subang.

Mr Sebayang hoped that the SOEs Bikers community can become one of the communities that is able to bring an impact to other SOEs employee communities to become the driving force for the core values ​​of AKHLAK and provide benefits to people in need.

“We hope this activity will become an initiative that can move the SOEs community to help each other. Not only in Subang, the SOEs Bikers community can later continue their social work to other areas that in need, and we can implement the core value of AKHLAK to collaborate and synergize,” concluded mr Sebayang.