PT DAHANA held a meeting of the Anti-Bribery Compliance Function Task Force (FKAP) in order to introduce the stages of the 2023 SMAP (Anti-bribery Management System) program agenda. DAHANA’s Senior Manager Legal and Corporate Communication Juli Jajuli as Deputy Head of the Task Force opened the meeting which was held online through a Zzom meeting on Friday, August 11, 2023.

Mr Jajuli said in his remarks that the SMAP certification period will expire in October 2023 and a recertification audit will be carried out. He also explained that the task force meeting will be followed up as meeting material at the top management and steering board levels.

“The team that we formed this year is a combination of the old team with the addition of new personnel. This team is also intended as regeneration to oversee the SMAP program,” said Mr Jajuli.

Mr Jajuli also reminded the basic need for SMAP documents from each work unit for recertification requirements and future agendas.

“The next closest agenda, which is next week, will be an SMAP IHT to support the team’s readiness ahead of the internal audit and recertification audit as conveyed by the Human Capital team,” said Mr Jajuli.

The first meeting of the new task force members included discussion on the stages of the SMAP program agenda, understanding on the scope of compliance function, and reminder related units to complete the documents needed during internal and external audits.

Meeting participants consist of the compliance function task force members in accordance with the Directors’ Order number: Prin/023/VIII/2023 on the Anti-bribery Compliance Function Team (FKAP) and Directors Decree number: Kep/019/VIII/2023 on PT DAHANA’s Anti-bribery Compliance Function. FKAP is a bribery and gratuity control unit in the Company which is expected to encourage the Good Corporate Governance process which is clean from bribery issues or other forms of corruption.

As an Indonesian explosives mecca company, DAHANA is committed to complying with all laws and requirements in combating bribery, such as re-certification of SMAP 2023. Mr Juli explained that SMAP’s spirit is in line with AKHLAK’s core values which are the Company’s culture.

“SMAP is proof of the Company’s commitment to realization of GCG (Good Corporate Governance) which is clean from of bribery and corruption. We hope that FKAP team can stay at the forefront in preparing for the 2023 SMAP recertification audit and hopefully that everything will run smoothly,” Mr Jajuli hoped.