Around 17 districts of the North Coast (Pantura) area of Subang were flooded. Houses, rice fields, fishponds were covered with water. This year’s flood was even worse compared to that of last year’s. To help the victims, PT DAHANA provided the surrounding community with aid.

The high rain intensity and also the river levee breach caused the north coast area of Subang flooded with water. People were forced to evacuate due to the water level which had already reached a height of three meters. Their houses and belongings were flooded; some even got carried away by the water.

Compared to floods occurring in the previous years, this year’s flood was by far the worst. The recent flood even cut off and blocked the North Coast Road, thus causing severe traffic jam.

This year’s flood had drawn the attention and empathy of PT DAHANA (Persero)’s employees. Together they unite to gather aid for the North Coast flood victims. The collected aid consisted of mineral water, milk for the children, assorted snacks, instant noodles, and biscuits, and also clothes.

According to Edwin Suryadika, personnel from the Public Relations Department, the aid would be collected together with that from the company’s.
“The aid from (Dahana’s) employees will be gathered with the company’s aid. They will afterwards be distributed together and given to the flood victims,” he said.

On Thursday, end of January 2014, using a yellow box car, the aid donated by DAHANA was finally distributed to Subang’s North Coast flood command post.

The aid was handed by Holly Alifiah, Senior Manager of Corporate Service, accompanied by the Dahana’s Public Relations and CSR team. The aid gathered from DAHANA’s employees and CSR was collected together and distributed to two separate command posts. The first one was Subang’s command post for Disaster Mitigation and Refugee Management Unit. The command post would be gathering and distributing the aid evenly to every district and village suffering from the disaster.

The second post was set by Robithoh Foundation which was located at the Integrated Islamic Elementary School (SDIT) ‘Alamy in Subang. The post also collected all kinds of aid, including food, clothes, stationery, as well as medicine.

Totong Munandar Hilmi, the command post coordinator, revealed his gratitude for the generous aid donated by DAHANA.

“Thank you for the aid, hopefully it would be useful for the flood victims,” said Totong.
Totong explained that at the time being, the post was focused on gathering education-related aid. But he did not rule out the possibility of receiving any other kinds of aid. Although the flood had already receded, the people still had to stay alert since the weather still remained uncertain. (SYA)