After almost five months closing its partnership program, PT Dahana (Persero)’s Partnership and Community Development Program –usually known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) unit, reopened the aforementioned program. The partnership program is carried out in the form of providing soft loans to the community.

The CSR unit had already been in a partnership with independent small entrepreneurs. According to Deni Amarullah Fajar, Supervisor of Dahana’s CSR, the partnership program was relaunched after the SOE Ministry issued an instruction.

“The partnership program was relaunched on early November, in accordance with the instruction issued by the Ministry of SOE,” said Deni on the end of December 2013.

The partnership program is intended to improve the ability of the small business Development Partners, so they would become strong and independent. Hopefully, the welfare of the surrounding community of PT Dahana’s operational area would also improve.

Dahana’s CSR Invites Development Partners to Participate in PKJB 2013
One of the programs incorporating the Development Partners was inviting them to participate in an exhibition event. The Development Partners participated in The West Java Handicraft Fair (PKJB) 2013 which was held on December 25-29, 2013 to promote their products.

PT Dahana (Persero) invited a number of its Development Partners to show off their handicraft products in the event. The exhibition itself was held by the West Java National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) and took place at Graha Manggala Siliwangi in Bandung.

65 indoor and 10 outdoor participants contributed in the event, all being Development Partners of different SOEs and Dekranasda from various regions in West Java. The Vice Governor of West Java, Dedi Mizwar officially opened the Handicraft Fair.

In this event, Dahana’s CSR displayed a number of handicraft products made by its Development Partners, such as mats, embroideries, brocades, jackets, and starch cakes. According to the Head of Dahana’s CSR, Lelly Sosidhalia, they invited the Development Partners to participate in the Handicraft Fair so that they could have experience and develop stronger network.

“We hope that by participating in the exhibition, our Development Partners would become more productive and innovative,” Lelly Sosodhalia said.

Lelly also explained that contributing in the exhibition would also promote Dahana’s CSR unit through its Development Partners’ products. It would also increase the effectiveness and collectability of Dahana’s CSR unit. (SYA)