DAHANA gave training for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and a Bazaar for Foster Partners. This activity was part of the Gema Ramadan event organized by the DAHANA’s Social and Environment Responsibility (SER) Unit to liven up the holy month of Ramadan through activities that have an impact on the community.

The committee also appointed Deputy Rector III of Mandiri University Subang, Aji Fauziana Ridwan as a discussion speaker under the of “Building Independent and Sustainable MSMEs”. The event which was held at Saung Kopi DAHANA, Subang, Wednesday, March 2, 2024 was welcomed enthusiastically.

Chairman of DAHANA’s SER Unit Eman Suherman said that the MSME training event and Foster Partner Bazaar were a form of DAHANA’s commitment to improving the economy of the surrounding community. This event was also part of the coaching steps to help fostered partner MSMEs reach higher class of business.

“As part of the large SOEs family, DAHANA has a high concern for the economy of the surrounding community. DAHANA does not want to progress and develop alone, rather to grow and progress together with its community. Hopefully the participants can benefit from this event,” said Mr Suherman.

Meanwhile, one of DAHANA’s partners, Imaroh, who is involved in the production of typical Subang souvenirs, expressed her impressions while being coached by DAHANA. She said she was thankful for how DAHANA continued to help her when Covid-19 hit all types of businesses.

“We express our deepest gratitude to DAHANA, because when everyone was away from us during Covid-19, DAHANA still stood with us, helping us so that we could recover from difficult times. DAHANA also has an important role for Alam Sari in expanding our access to wider markets such as Malaysia in 2023,” said Ms Imaroh.

Alam Sari is a DAHANA partner that processes pineapple raw materials into many kinds of snacks with a lot of variants such as pineapple crackers with different flavors, namely spicy, regular, medium, pineapple dodol (sweets) and diamond, and also pineapple dodol covered in chocolate. Alam Sari also produces pineapple syrup using natural ingredients and fresh pineapple without artificial sweeteners.