For preventive purposes, the Subang Police Narcotics Investigation Unit organized instruction session on Prevention of Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (P4GN) to PT DAHANA Security Unit. The instruction session was held at DAHANA’s Central Management Office, in Subang, Wednesday, March 9, 2022.


Head of Subang Police Narcotics Unit 1, Police Officer Hartono said, DAHANA’s security guard is the front gate at DAHANA’s company which is the key to the entry of all goods into the company. Therefore, the security guard must be in a good knowledge of various types of drugs to prevent drugs from circulating in the company’s area.


“We elaborated the components of the drugs, examples of users, up to the characteristics of drug users. Drug abuse is a serious crime, that’s why we also take preventive actions through counseling sessions in hoping that we can reduce number of drug abuse, especially in Subang Regency, “said Mr Hartono.


He also explained that drug abuse would harm its users, their family, and the environment. He conveyed that DAHANA’s security could avoid and prevent the use of drugs. Apart from legal consequences, drug abusers will also experience exclusion from the society.


Meanwhile, DAHANA’s Security Manager, Eka Bagus Laksamana, said that this instruction was something DAHANA had to do. This serves as guidance to the company’s internal. Preventing drug abuse within DAHANA’s security circles is a crucial matter, for the fact that drugs are prohibited by the state and DAHANA is an area where explosives are.


“DAHANA is a National Vital Object with super control items that can harm the community and the environment. I told the security team not to ever mess with drugs. If they are found to be in use of drugs, they are finished (dismissed),” said Mr Laksamana.


Mr Laksamana explained that until now he has been serious about emphasizing and supervising security. In the event that any security team members are found to be using drugs or else drugs are found to be in the DAHANA Campus area, he will immediately secure, process, and report such findings to the authorities.