The Free Homecoming Quota with DAHANA was fully booked just after a day of release. Chairman of PT DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Unit Eman Suherman said, this year’s participants were very enthusiastic; the quota for all homecoming destinations was immediately fulfilled within a day since it was released on March 13.

He also conveyed that the company was very proud of the enthusiasm of the free homecoming participants with DAHANA. This was the first time the quota was reached only in one day. Mr Suherman hoped that this will be a sign of DAHANA’s wider reach to the community, especially in Subang.

“The quota was immediately full. There were four routes, namely Subang – Semarang, Subang – Surabaya, and Subang – Yogyakarta, Bandung – Solo, and all four were all booked. We are still trying to coordinate with the management for extra quota,” said Mr Suherman.

Mr Suherman also advised that participants who have successfully registered prepare the specified requirements, and maintain their health, so that their homecoming trip can go well.

“To the registered participants, we ask that you prepare the requirements for re-registration, and always maintain your health. So, we can pass the homecoming trip in an excellent manner,” said Eman.