PT DAHANA exhibited its commercial and military superior products in the Mini Exhibition which was held at the ASEAN Regional Forum Security Policy Conference (ASPC) meeting at the Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta, 21 June 2023.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense, Vice Marshal Donny Ermawan Taufanto led the event which was attended by 27 representatives of member countries of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF). Before starting the forum, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense invited the delegates to visit the Mini Exhibition which was attended by DEFEND ID.

“Welcome to all delegations, these are innovative products from the Indonesian Defense Industry SOEs Holding DEFEND ID,” said Marshal who also serves as DAHANA’s President Commissioner.

The participants seemed enthusiastic about the military products displayed by the Defense Industry SOE holding. For the exhibition, DAHANA brought its military products such as the Bomb P series, Defense Rockets, to the refined newest product, the Kamikaze Rajata drone. IN the commercial sector there are Dabex, Dawagel, non-electric detonators, elemented detonators and other explosive accessories.

PT DAHANA’s Director of Operations, Yusep Nugraha, who also attended the activity, said that the Company is ready to support defense in the region. Under the support of the most complete Energetic Material Center (EMC) facility in ASEAN, DAHANA is also ready to become the main supply chain for high energy material products in the region.

“Being a mecca for Indonesian explosives as well as an explosives company with the most complete facilities in the ASEAN region, DAHANA is ready to collaborate to support defense in the region, especially as a provider of high-energy materials,” said Mr Nugraha.

Upon joining DEFEND ID, DAHANA has started to seriously work on the military sector. Not even a year since it was inaugurated, DAHANA has succeeded in developing Rajata which won the innovation event organized by the Ministry of Defense’s Research and Development Board.