PT DAHANA exhibited explosives products manufactured by the Energetic Material Center (EMC) at the Safety Day Mini Expo event organized by PT Adaro Indonesia at the Tanjung Expo Center Area in Tabalong City Center, South Kalimantan, from 20 to 22 February 2023.

Adaro’s JsP Operations Supervisor, Fikhri Arif Alfi said that the Safety Day Mini Expo activity was not only attended by Adaro Indonesia employees and their partners, but it  was also open to the public as an educational facility, sharing knowledge to the public on blasting in mining.

“We hope that this event can be an opportunity for DAHANA to provide education to the public with regard to its explosives and blasting activities in mining, to make help change the that the ‘negative’ thoughts about blasting. In addition to that, this is of course a moment to market PT DAHANA’s superior products in front of big consumers such as SIS, BUMA and PPA,” said Mr Afli.

Mr Afli added that during this event DAHANA exhibited dummy explosives such as Dabex, Dawagel, Danfo, Dayaprime, Dayagel, Dayadet (Surface and InHole Delay), mock-ups of blasting locations, continuous plant mock-ups, as well as blasting equipment used by DAHANA such as Wireless Remote Firing Devices and Blasting Machines.

The Mini Expo event was also offered material on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Basic Life Support (BLS) & Basic Fire Fighting (BFF), Healthy Talk, to Healthy Gymnastics. Apart from that, to enliven the event, Adaro also presented a band and traditional dance performances.

Adaro’s JsP DAHANA Safety Officer, Kevin Akbar Adi Cahya together with Adaro’s JsP Supervisor Assistant, Fadlan were ready to serve visitors who come to DAHANA’s booth. At DAHANA booth, visitors could also carry out a simulation of shooting a blasting site using a dummy Electronic Detonator and Remote Firing.

During the exhibition, visitors enthusiastically enjoyed DAHANA’s products produced by an Indonesian explosives mecca company which has the most complete facilities in Southeast Asia.