PT DAHANA organized a Coaching Session for Strengthening Akhlak Culture. The session was directly led by DAHANA’s Director of Finance, Risk Management, and Human Resources, Ahyanizzaman. The activity was attended by officials from echelon one to three and held online through a zoom meeting on Tuesday, February 14, 2023.

In his presentation, Mr Ahyanizzaman elaborated the importance of AKHLAK’s core values as a foundation in advancing and developing the company. He also assessed that AKHLAK’s core values are in line with the tagline Serving the Nation Better, where the company not only brings well-being to employees, but also contributes to a more advanced and competitive Indonesia.

“In reference to the President’s directive about Towards Indonesia Gold 2045, as well as the five strategic priority programs of the Ministry of SOEs, DAHANA tries to translate them into work programs and strategic initiatives, namely by transforming the corporate culture (AKHLAK core values) through a mutual philosophy approach Asah-Asih-Asuh, which we dub as AKHLAK Transformation Model,” said Mr Ahyanizzaman.

Mr Ahyanizzaman also affirmed that the transformation process of AKHLAK is a long journey, therefore, to achieve the goals, he hoped that all DAHANA’s officials and all DAHANA personnel can do the best of what good people do in a constant and consistent way.

In the process of AKHLAK transformation, DAHANA assigns one to three echelon officials as Culture Leader, Culture Booster and Culture Squad. The Culture Leader who is carried by the first echelon is responsible for ensuring that the internalization and strengthening of the core values of AKHLAK can be implemented in accordance with the stages and take place effectively in each department.

While the Culture Booster, executed by echelon two is responsible for the making of action plan for the implementation of the internalization program and the strengthening of AKHLAK that has been set by the company. Culture Squad, which is supported by echelon three and some echelon four, is tasked to report the development of the Company’s AKHLAK implementation program periodically to the Culture Sponsor by maintaining communication with the Culture Leader.

“We hope that with AKHLAK Transformation Model, the main values of AKHLAK can be implemented in an effective and efficient manner by all DAHANA people. We believe that these values can not only improve the Company’s performance, but also contribute to the transformation of the nation’s human resources, towards Indonesia Maju 2045,” concluded Mr Ahyanizzaman.