PT DAHANA (Persero) once again donated food and Personal Protective Equipment PPE to the community at several points. This morning, 2 July 2020, staple food and masks aid were handed over to the Cibogo Subang community and similar aid was delivered some fishing villages in North Jakarta. This donation originated came from the 2020 PT DAHANA (Persero)’s directors and commissioners’ religious holiday allowance.

PT DAHANA (Persero) Finance & HR Director Asmorohadi hoped that the could ease the burden of people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The donation will be distributed to the public by DAHANA’s Commissioners at several points, among others one is in the fishing village of Jakarta,” Asmorohadi said when officially dispatching the vehicle carrying Covid-19 logistics in the form of groceries and personal protection equipment (PPE).

Meanwhile, the delivery of staple food to the community in the District of Cibogo, Subang was received by the people who were members of the mosque assembly and the Center for Smallholder Farmers in the Cibogo District area. The donation which came in the form of food packages and masks was handed over by the management representative of PT DAHANA (Persero), Asep Maskandar as the Corporate Secretary at Bale Dahana Subang.

“Dahana is consistent in helping the community and the environment through its Partnership and Development program. On this occasion, DAHANA carried out the mandate from the Ministry of SOEs to submit directors and commissioners’ religious holiday allowance to be diverted into humanity aid and distributed to communities in need especially since the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia, “said Asep.

He continued that DAHANA would continue to maintain the sanitation of the environment and public health in order to cut off the spread of Covid-19 by rigging several hand-washing facilities and spraying disinfectants to make sure that the environment and the community remain clean and healthy.

One representative of the beneficiary community, Dadang, said that he was very grateful to DAHANA for the donation to the residents and worshipers who were members of the Islamic Assembly in the Cibogo sub-district area. “Thank God, the donation from DAHANA is very helpful, hopefully this Covid-19 outbreak will pass soon so that the social and economic life of the community members will recover,” hoped Dadang. (rmt)