PT DAHANA (Persero) displayed its products at the Defense Equipment Exhibition which took place during the sessions of Leaders Meeting of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia in 2020 in the yard of the Republic of Indonesia’s Ministry of Defence Office, Jakarta, from January 22 through 23, 2020. This Leaders Meeting was part of the Indonesian Defense Strategic Plan (Renstra) for 2020 to 2024.

During the meeting under the theme “Strong Universal Defense, Ensuring the Survival of the Republic of Indonesia”, participants got the general defense policy directives from President Joko Widodo, as well as presentations from defense agencies, and ministries related to defence programs which would be implemented throughout 2020.

On the first day, the Deputy Minister of Defence officially opened the event. He said that this leaders meeting was a space of coordination and synergy among work units, among organisation units and among ministries/institutions and it must be undertaken in an intensive way to ensure that national defence always remains in the best condition in accordance with the strategic environment and threat analysis.

“The Ministry of Defense always strives to develop the domestic defense industry to meet the needs of the Indonesian Army defence equipment and in support to the independence of the Defense Industry. This policy was taken in line with the vision of the President of the Republic of Indonesia in relations to technology development and defense industry policies, “Sakti said.

PT DAHANA (Persero), a state-owned company engaged in manufacture of the explosives industry, exhibited commercial and military products. One product that caught the visitors’ attention was the Prototype of the R-Han 122B Rocket Launching Vehicle Phase II-II TA 2019. This rocket launcher car had previously been tested Pameungpeuk region, Garut.

The R-Han 122B Rocket Launching Vehicle is a multiple rocket launcher (MRLS) vehicle proudly made by the nation’s own professionals. Using this tool, the rocket launch process can automatically be executed more quickly. The mechanism for rocket loading into the launcher is cleverly designed to achieve a shorter operating time.

The development of the R-Han 122B Rocket Launching Vehicle is to meet the need for launch vehicles that can function in a proper and stable way according to the expected specifications without any errors and damage both during endurance and shooting. Apart from that, it is expected that the automation and manual systems can be operated by the operator adjusted to the desired shooting procedures and operations. The prototype rocket launcher was made in order to meet the need for the R-Han 122B rocket launch vehicle as support in the National Rocket development program.

In addition to the Rocket Launching Vehicle, DAHANA also displayed other products such as Bomb P100 Live, Rhan 122B, and commercial explosive products such as shaped charge, Dabex, Danfo, and other products.