Thursday (01/16/2020) PT DAHANA (Persero)’s campus in the Subang Energetic Material Center (EMC), West Java, received a visit from dozens of Bandung Institute of Technology students (ITB).

The delegate was welcomed directly by DAHANA’s Public and Institution Relations Manager, Juli Jajuli in the main lobby of the DAHANA CAMPUS Secretariat Building and received a brief explanation of the EMC area model.

Adit, one of the participating students explained that their visit to DAHANA this time with other ITB students who were members of the Chemical Engineering Student Association (HIMATEK) ITB was the student agenda for an industrial visit.

“Today we have come DAHANA to find out first-hand information on what the explosives industry in Indonesia is like. Our classes also taught a little about explosives. It is our hope that DAHANA is willing to conduct training or public lectures at ITB campus,” said Adit.

During their visit, the students who are members of HIMATEK ITB enjoyed a presentation on the history of the DAHANA explosives, their composition, and their use both for the commercial and military explosives needs delivered by Moch. Surya Nugraha and Muhammad Hilman Haidar.

During the speech, Surya and Hilman explained that Indonesia had been able to make and develop explosives in the military sector.

“Indonesia, especially DAHANA, has been able to make and develop explosives for the military sector. For example, DAHANA has begun producing Bomb P-100 Live and is part of the national rocket consortium for development of R-Han 122B Rocket,” explained Surya.

Accompanied by the Director of Technology and Development of PT DAHANA (Persero) Wildan Widarman, ITB HIMATEK group had the opportunity to visit the Nitro Glycerin plant situated in the Ring I area of DAHANA.

“Hopefully with this NG plant, Indonesia can gain independence in term of defense industry,” concluded Wildan in front of ITB students.