PT DAHANA provides cash charity and fast breaking meals for orphans in Subang. This program was part of the Company’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Gema Ramadan program.

DAHANA distributed donations and fast breaking meals for communal fast breaking in several places, including the Nurul Hidayatullah Foundation, Cikareo neighbourhood, Sadawarna village, Cibogo district, in Subang; and to the Hidayah Al Muzakki Foundation, in Majasari, Subang on Monday, March 25, 2024. In addition to that, on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, DAHANA also provided charity and fast breaking meals for Hidayatul Muzakki Islamic Boarding School in Cibogo, Subang.

Head of the DAHANA’s SER Unit Eman Suherman said that charity and fast breaking meals with orphans is a tradition of the Indonesian Muslim community. Apart from preserving the traditions, donations and communal fast breaking are expected to bring happiness to the beneficiary children.

“Thank God, within these two days we were able to provide the donation and hold the communal fast breaking with orphans from various foundations. We hope that this charity can bring happiness in this blessed month, making them even more enthusiastic about fasting,” said Mr Suherman.

Mr Suherman also said that this activity was also part of the process of building better relationships between the Company and the surrounding community, introducing DAHANA directly through positive and beneficial activities for the local residents.

As a step to help improve the surrounding community, DAHANA also involved small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as partners to supply takjil (fast breaking snack) and drink during the Gema Ramadan activities.

“We certainly hope that the economy of the surrounding communities will improve, especially the communities that are members of DAHANA’s MSEs partners. So, apart from providing charity to orphans, this activity also has an impact on the residents’ economy,” concluded Mr Suherman.