PT DAHANA (Persero) organized another community care program called PEKAN CSR DAHANA 2020 (DAHANA CSR WEEK 2020) from 12 to 16 October 2020. The series of event held in observation of Dahana’s 54th anniversary included webinar series, free medical service, media gathering, art appreciation and edutainment events.

On Tuesday, October 13, 2020, DAHANA CSR WEEK 2020 gave free medical service to people living around Sadawarna village in Subang. The event, which took place in Bale Dahana was organized in collaboration with Cibogo Community Healthcare Centre in Subang.

The free medical service event began with the speech of Chief of Committee of DAHANA CSR WEEK 2020’s Asep Maskandar, followed by a speech by a representative from Cibogo Community Healthcare Centre dr. Zaenal Efendi. The participants of free medical service were also given the comprehensive knowledge of protocol for prevention of Covid-19 using the 3M Act, namely (wearing a mask, keeping physical distance and washing hands) conveyed by dr. Ibnu Fajar Shidiq. The free medical service also included examination of general health, child nutrition, and maternity examination done by doctors from the Cibogo Subang Community Healthcare Centre.

Speaking during the activities, Asep Maskandar said that the scheme of free medical service was different from that of the previous year.

“Owing to the fact that we are now still in the Covid-19 pandemic time, the free medical service activities are done in compliance with Covid-19 protocol such as the use of mask, hand washes, body temperature taking and physical distancing while being in the free medical service area,” said Asep.

Apart from the practice of Covid-19 prevention protocol, Asep said that the free medical service was given in two days to avoid long queue and crowd.

“Considering that we have a list of 500 participants from 10 different neighborhoods of two villages, it is necessary that we do the event in two days as to avoid long queues and crowd. We also assign two service desks each for odd and even number,” added Asep Maskandar.

The event got a positive response from Cibogo Community Healthcare Centre, dr. Zaenal Efendi, representing the center, during his speech said that what Dahana deserved appreciation for what they had done, adding that this should be followed by other companies. Supply of nutritious food for toddler as well as free general check-up and medication was a way to help raise community’s awareness towards their family general health. Many women spent the time with the doctors to consult their children’s health condition.

“With this kind of event, the local people are encouraged to come to the free medical service for consultation and medical examination of their family members. Those with more serious illness were referred to the Community Healthcare Center or hospital for further examination and medication,” said dr. Zaenal.

Mrs Emah, aged 74, was one of the free medical service participants. She was accompanied by her daughter Ratna for general health organized by Dahana.

“Thank God, my mother regularly goes for the free medical service. It is considerably beneficial as my mother can have her health regularly checked for free here,” said Ratna.

As it is already know, DAHANA CSR WEEK is Dahana’s excellent program that has been done for the past five years in commemoration of Dahana’s Anniversay. The event has received keen appreciation from both the regional and national government. Currently, PT Dahana (Persero)’s President Director serves as Chief of Subang CSR Forum and coordinator of SOE’s Social and Environmental Responsibility for Defence and Manufacture Cluster. (rmt)