PT DAHANA distributed aid to Subang veterans who are members of the Indonesian Veterans Legion (LVRI) of Cibogo District. A total of 11 veterans received charity from PT DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SERL) unit during the commemoration of Heroes Day which was held at the DAHANA Football Field in Subang on 10 November 2023.

PT DAHANA’s President Director Wildan Widarman said that the assistance to is a Company’s tradition carried out on Heroes Day commemoration. This is a form of the Company’s concern for veterans who have dedicated themselves to maintaining the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

“The aid for veterans has its own social and historical value for PT DAHANA’s people. This is PT DAHANA’s way of caring for their memory as well as maintaining relationships with people who have given their lives to protect the unity and integrity of the Republic of Indonesia,” said Mr Widarman.

As part of the Indonesian defense industry SOEs holding (DEFEND ID) with the vision of vision of encouraging the progress and independence of national Defense and Security Equipment (Alpalhankam), and being born from the womb of the Indonesian Air Force, PT DAHANA maintains a very close relationship with the heroes who are at the forefront of safeguarding Indonesia’s sovereignty.

Chairman of PT DAHANA’s SER Unit, Eman Suherman said that this year PT DAHANA provided assistance in the form of basic necessities and cash to 11 veterans consisting of two elderly veterans who are almost 90 years old, and nine former soldiers who had been in service and fought in Timor Leste.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Cibogo District LVRI, expressed his deepest gratitude for the fact that PT DAHANA had never left them behind. On many occasions, the Mecca for Indonesian explosives often provided assistance to Indonesian veterans in Cibogo District.

“We are very grateful to PT DAHANA for basic food assistance and cash. We also pray that DAHANA will continue to be successful and grow and develop into an advanced defense industry company,” said Mr Dadang.