PT DAHANA goes on with its excellent performance in the coal mine owned by PT Bukit Asam, Tbk where PT. DAHANA is entrusted with provision of blasting services for the Tanjung Enim Mining Unit for the next five years using DABEX emulsion products supported by the On Site Emulsion Plant (OSP) facility. This was marked by the extension of the blasting service contract in early April 2023 in Jakarta.

PT DAHANA’s President Director, Wildan Widarman, welcomed this collaboration. This shows the spirit of BUMN AKHLAK’s core value to collaborate with each other; DAHANA is a member of Holding DEFEND ID, while PT Bukit Asam, Tbk is a member of MIND ID.

“We thank you for your trust in DAHANA’s services. This, of course, is a challenge for us to continue to improve performance in supporting PT Bukit Asam to achieve its target,” said Mr Widarman in Jakarta (03/07).

As is well known, PT DAHANA provides integrated explosives services for the general mining, quarrying and construction, oil and gas and defense sectors. The business lines include Drilling & Blasting, Explosives Manufacturing, Related Services and Defense Related. In 2022, the largest contribution to operating revenues originated from the Drilling & Blasting Services business line of 48.3%.

Meanwhile, GM General Mining Division 1 PT DAHANA, Herry Sudaryanto said that currently the PT Bukit Asam site is still using ANFO and will gradually switch to emulsion (DABEX) along with the OSP that is now under construction.

PT DAHANA also continues to innovate, one of which is by building a Waste Oil Preparation Plant. PT DAHANA is entrusted with the construction of a Waste Oil Preparation Plant to increase the utilization of used oil waste as a substitute for diesel oil for the raw material for mixing ANFO and Emulsion.

“This is also in support to PT Bukit Asam’s efforts in assessing environmental propriety and high yet efficient production,” said Mr Sudaryanto.

At this site, PT DAHANA is led by PJO Taufan Andrian Putra who is enjoy backup of a reliable blasting team. Mr Sudaryanto that PT DAHANA is facing various challenges such as the fact that several pit areas require different blasting methods. However, under expertise and experience in understanding the pit area conditions, these problems can be effectively resolved.

“DAHANA has succeeded in balancing absorption of local workers, currently 85% of PT DAHANA workers PT Bukit Asam site were recruited from the local community. This success cannot be separated from the role of PJO who routinely organizes class session programs to renew workers’ understanding, provides private classes for certification for potential workers,” explained Mr Sudaryanto.

PT DAHANA together with PT Bukit Asam has also succeeded in implementing explosive efficiency which stems from the social impact of mining and less optimum results. But under the new techniques, the two companies were able to achieve a much better level of efficiency.

According to Mr Putra, PT DAHANA has some achievements field of SHE, where DAHANA’s Safety Officer, Muhammad Rega Suryatama received an award as the best SHE Agent from PT Bukit Asam.

“This cannot be separated from his persistence in implementing HSE programs to comply with the Good Mining Principles. Because in the world of work, ethos and knowledge must be able to go together,” concluded Mr Putra, DAHANA’s PJO of PT Bukit Asam.