As the center of Indonesian explosives manufacturing, PT DAHANA (Persero) offers a variety of complete facilities to support the company’s products, such as a Non-Electric Detonator Factory located in DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) area, Subang Regency, West Java.


This Non-Electric Detonator under ‘Dayadet’ brand is an initial trigger device that leads to initiation in the form of a small explosion that gives a shock effect to detonator sensitive explosives. This initiating device allows excellent performance for open pit, underground, quarry and civil sector blasting operations.


“The Dayadet Non-Electric Detonator is widely used in open pit and underground mines, with many variations of delay, is easy to use and certainly safer, especially in wild currents, lightning and electric induction,” said Suhendra Yusuf RPN, Director of Technology & Development of Dahana at Dahana Campus (04/11).


DAHANA started production of Dayadet-Non Electric Detonator independently in 2008, with increasing production capacity every year. Currently, the factory can produce 10 million pieces of Dayadet Non-Electric Detonators in a yearfrom the previous 6 million pieces per year. The production capability of the detonator factory of this state-owned explosives company can meet the domestic demand for Non-Electric Detonators.


According to Mr Yusuf, the increase in DAHANA’s production is attributed  to the advantages offered by this product, such as its higher safety aspect compared to other detonators. Apart from that, the Dayadet Non-Electric Detonator also has an accurate delay time with varied the delay time which allows reduction in terms of the impact of vibration and sound.


Another advantage of DAHANA’s Dayadet Non-Electric Detonator is that consumers can request customization of the length of the detonator according to their needs in the field. This product, which comes in packages in various colors according to the delay time, is ready to serve the customers’ various blasting needs.


“Hopefully, DAHANA’s Dayadet Non-Electric Detonator is widely known in the global arena, trusted by consumers and superior in technology,” concluded Mr Yusuf.