PT DAHANA (Persero), through its Kuari Construction Division, since March 2016 had managed to make necessary preparation for taming the rock hills in the districts of Bakauheni, South Lampung. A month later, in April 2016, DAHANA completed initial blasting. 

The Bakauheni rock hill blasting was the part of  construction project of Trans Sumatera, Bakauheni – Terbanggi Besar (Baterbar) highway under management of PT Pembangunan Perumahan (PP) which later synergized with DAHANA for related blasting work.

Prayogo, Site Engineer of PT PP explained that for construction of Bakauheni Highwat, it was necessary to clear 9 rock hills located in STA 1+100 up to 8+900, that runs along Bakau village, Kelawi village and Hatta village at the district of Bakauheni in South Lampung. 

“During the Package 1 of Trans Sumatra Highway project, namely 40-km Bakauheni-Sidomulya corridor, we hire DAHANA as our blasting contractor. There are nine rock hill to be cleared, now three of them are left,” said Prayogo to Dfile (19/01/2017).

With regards to the blasting work, according to Prayogo, DAHANA has completed the target. During the first phase of work, from April to October, 100% of blasting work has been successfully completed amounting to 1,110,000 BCM. For the second phase, PT PP places a target of blasting of 2,553,508.66 BCM.

“This was in line with the national government instruction on account of national development acceleration. Blasting with DAHANA will be finalized in March 2017 and hopefully the highway will be in full use before the Idul Fitri festival this year,” said Prayogo. (SYA)